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last chance to grab your cute bunnies!!

shop will be closed on 22nd of april ~ until further notice.

use "SHIPTOINDONESIA" for free shipping fee and if you'd like to pay via BCA please refer to

Shop will reopen and updated with restocks and new items on 8th of April!

Plus, the shop will be closed on 22nd of April~further notice (shop might open for digital products but physical goods won't be sold for months).

So grab your chubby buns at or go to the link on my bio ;)

What's new?
♡ restocks
♡ SALE + FREE shipping offer for orders from Indonesia
♡ art prints!
♡ stickers
♡ disney tarot decks and singles
Yahallo!! 👀💖
Dis gonna be my new profile picture so just wanna let you all know ;)

Been busy with creating videos recently and I'm at my limit 😂😂 I'm way past burnout so I'm sorry for the lack of update here... I'm also rushing to restock + add more items to the shop so expect to see shop update announcement soon :3
Tales from the sky 🌟
<< slide to enjoy the music >>

🚋 going on a midnight scenic route through the sky~

Been in love with @nomtunes music for quite a time now, I think I used like 3 or 4 albums of his for my vlog's bg music already hahaha can't wait to hear more from u, nom!! 💖

Song: Tales From The Sky
Artist: Nom
Creativity knows no bound 💫

Made this piece, from start to finish with my new kamvas pro 16 2.5k! It will also be my very first speed paint video on youtube that I'll upload next week *blink blink* 👀 (will give my full review of the tablet in the same video).

Ah, I can somewhat achieve the dreamy colors that I'd in my head... oh I actually posted this drawing on my twitter yesterday and I thought to myself "something is wrong... why don't I like it? Looking at it again and again doesn't help either 😂" (it's like looking at ur selfie for too long if u know what I mean)

Last minute before posting it here I look at it again and realized what's missing... so... I added some flowers on the empty field and BAM!! I LOVE IT. 🌷🌷🌷
#huionfeature #huionworkspace #huiontablet @huiontablet
Toastie buns! 🍞
Happy CNY to everyone who celebrates! Unfortunately, I don't have a tiger drawing, so can we settle with these buns? 😬
As poll’s result, the majority voted 3rd Feb, sooooo- it will be!

Leave a 🙌🏻 if you’re excited! 😚💖

I didn’t include any artprints here but all my recent illustrations will be available as artprints ✌️
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